Fall 2016 Clothing Picks By Our CS Manager Sherie

So I challenged Sherie to pick her top Fall pieces that are coming soon to Iron Fist UK and asked her why they were her must buys. 


I love the Wishbone Halo Romper because it fits my dark style.  It's comfy and you can dress it up or make it super casual.


The Madamned Shirt Dress is a must have for me because it's awesome look at it! It's also great for me with a bigger bust I can still wear a collared shirt without feeling like I'm busting out.  It looks great with underwear or with a vest and jeans so it's really versatile. 




Cave Creeps Sweetheart Dress is hella cute as it has velvet cobwebs all over..what more could you ask for.  It's a great girly fit too. 


My last but not least favourite is the Wishbone LS Dress, for an old goth like me this piece is timeless as everyday is halloween in my World.


The Walking in my Web Heavy Sole Boot in Burgundy are some of my favourite ever boots as they are practical but also have giant webs on them.  What more do you need?!


I also love the Hey Guys Holiday Platforms are gold and fabulous for Christmas parties.  This year I'm having a Halloween Christmas with skull tinsel and coffins on my tree so these are perfect! 


Grave Robber boots are so comfy and really me as they are classic but with an edgy twist.  





Amy Blackburn

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