Why I Love Iron Fist By Pandramoon

I consider myself to be quite an alternative girl, and by that I mean that I don’t tend to like the run of the mill clothing you find in most high street shops. It’s been a struggle most of my life and it can turn something as simple as a girls day out shopping into my absolute worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, I can sometimes glimpse something wearable between the overly crowded clothing racks; glinting at me from the distance like a siren drawing me into the unruly depths. But it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’ll be A) black and B) identical to every other item of clothing I’ve bought from a high street store.

Shopping filled me with despair, until a few years ago when I was feeling downright crappy about the clothes I wore. So in my desperation I took to the world wide web to try and salvage whatever was left of my love of fashion, and hunt for the answer to my problems. Just as I thought all hope was lost, I found exactly what I was looking for. A brand called Iron Fist. Lust and need filled me as I scrolled through pages of drool worthy clothing: mini skirts adorned with aliens, shirts embellished with glittery spines, bats fluttering over dresses and so much more. I felt drunk with happiness at my discovery.

So what did I do? Well I embarked on a shopping spree of course.

Who can resist a dress covered in Care Bears?
Bats are essential for every Gothic girl’s wardrobe
Iron Fist even make florals wearable!
Can’t get enough of this skeleton shirt/dress!
Aliens exist, believe it.
Glittery AND mermaid tail? How could I not?!
Bats + velvet = gothic heaven

Since I bought my first piece of clothing from Iron Fist, I haven’t been able to stop myself from going back again and again each time they release more jaw dropping clothing. And who can blame me really? The quality of the clothes and prints are amazing and their prices don’t cripple you!

If you’re an alternative girl like me with a love of all things dark and fabulous then Iron Fist is the perfect brand for all your style wants and needs.


You can view her awesome blog here:  https://pandramoon.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/why-i-love-iron-fist/

Amy Blackburn

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